Apollo Security Sales Offer The Universal Video Option With The APACS Software

Apollo Security Sales Access Control and Alarm Monitoring System (APACS) is the result of years of research and design coupled with real-world input from security professionals working at the most secure sites around the globe. There is also a Universal Video Option that clients have to add to the software to take their security to the

15 Jun 2013

Apollo Security Sales Offer You High End Security Systems

Apollo Security Sales has designed the Apollo Vision system to meet with the needs of a variety of facilities from emerging users to multiple security requirements that offer peace of mind to its customers worldwide. Apollo Vision, this new video security system is easy to navigate and the APACS users will be able to conduct

27 May 2013

Apollo Security Sales Design, Manufactures And Tests All Their Security Systems For Quality

Apollo Security Sales, the best security system company the world over provides simple single door and keypad options right through unlimited entry doors and multi tenant computer network security system. The security systems movements are controlled through doors, turnstiles and gates but when it comes to security PC’s and company managing networks your high end

14 Aug 2012

Apollo Security Sales Has Designed Apollo Vision, A Fully Integrated Digital Video System

Apollo Security Sales designs and creates security systems and products with an eye for detail, unwavering commitment to quality and a sleek modern look. Apollo is sure a leader in the field of security systems and thus has come up with a new Apollo Vision Video Management System. This Apollo Vision is a complete package

27 Jun 2012

Apollo Security Sales Helps Keep American Homes Safe & Secure

Apollo Security Sales believes that the Modern Security Systems mean, security systems that work on biometrics technology, as these are the only dependable solutions that are widely used for business and government purposes. This is all due to the fact that the accuracy of the biometrics security systems is quiet high as compared to other

12 May 2012

Clifford Crane Believes Biometrics Technology To Be The Future Of All Security Systems

Clifford Crane knows that all the innovative Biometrics security systems surpass the traditional security measures that rely more on passwords and ID’s which can be stolen or lost. However, when Biometrics security systems are used in organizations they work up by identifying the identity of the user and not on the information provided by the

08 Mar 2012
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